President Truman: A Dental Legacy

added on: October 4, 2018
Harry Truman

President Truman had a very interesting relationship with the field of dentistry. In 1948 the president signed the bill that created the National Institute of Dental Research, which initiated federal funding for dental research (American Dental Association Dental History Timeline). He paved the way for groundbreaking dental research and technology. But the president wasn’t only interested in providing great dental care to his constituents. He also took his own oral health very seriously. He regularly scheduled check-ups and cleanings–though he did receive many fillings over the years.

It wasn’t all hard work and dedication though. President Truman did find some time to have fun with his smile. While at a press interview the president shocked the reporters by removing his temporary crowns with his tongue and presenting a gap-toothed smile! You can read more about the dental practices of various presidents, in this Chicago Tribune article.