High-Quality Implants for Outstanding Long-Term Results

Dental implants offer patients who have lost teeth a strong, healthy, and attractive option to replace them. Implants go back as far as the Mayan civilization, where tooth-shaped pieces of shell were placed in the jawbone. Modern dental implants have come a long way since then!

Now most implants are made of titanium. The implant itself is surgically placed into the jawbone and replaces the root of the missing tooth. A cone-shaped abutment is placed on top of the implant, and a porcelain crown is cemented to the abutment. The result is a natural-looking tooth replacement that will sustain bone tissue and function just like your own teeth.

All of the dental services at Healthy Smiles of Saint Louis are tailored specifically to each patient, with a wide range of treatment options provided. Dr. Flavin uses the highest-quality implants from well-respected manufacturers. There are more than 100 variations of implants that Dr. Flavin can select so that your implant is precisely fit for strength and durability.