Have you lost a tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth? Our first priority at Healthy Smiles of St. Louis is to preserve your natural tooth if at all possible. If we can’t, then we do have tooth replacement options for you to consider.

We need teeth to talk, eat, and support the face and underlying bones. If you don’t have some form of tooth replacement, or have poor-fitting dentures, then you can lose bone mass in your jaw, causing your face to sag and wrinkle.

We’ll talk to you about options such as partial or full dentures that are carefully and precisely fit for maximum contact with your gums and the underlying muscles and bone. A bridge may be another option if you’ve only lost one tooth, or we can place dental implants, the closest thing to real teeth!

Smiles are important! People can “hear” you smiling when you’re on the telephone, even if they can’t see you. If you have missing teeth, our St. Louis dental team is ready to take care of you and replace them. Don’t wait another minute! Call us to get started at 314-832-1366.