Why Do Our Teeth Fall Out?

Why Do Our Teeth Fall Out?

Posted by Dr. Thomas Flavin Aug 28,2020

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Tooth loss can occur for a number of reasons. While losing a tooth can be upsetting, understanding the reason for the loss can help you determine the best way to restore the tooth. Listed below are some of the common reasons for tooth loss.

Cavities and Periodontal Disease

When gum disease is left untreated, it will eventually destroy your gums and result in tooth loss. At-home oral hygiene habits are important in maintaining good gum health, but regular professional cleanings are also a necessity for preventing periodontal disease. If patients develop gum disease, we will recommend periodontal treatments to restore their oral health. Some common treatments for periodontitis include scaling and root planing. This treatment removes plaque from below the gum line and smooths out the roots of the teeth to prevent future buildup of tartar and bacteria. We may also recommend gum surgery if the disease has progressed further. During this procedure, we clean out infected gums and fill any empty gaps with grafting material to promote the regeneration of healthy tissues.

If you regularly visit your dentist for cleanings and exams, you can prevent many cases of tooth loss due to periodontal disease. You should also be sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily to remove excess plaque buildup in hard-to-reach areas between teeth.

If you’ve noticed your teeth falling out or shifting out of position, it could be a sign of gum disease. Schedule an appointment with your general dentist as soon as possible so that we can diagnose and treat this condition before it leads to tooth loss.

Accident or Trauma

Many patients experience damage to their teeth due to an accident or trauma. This could include falling, playing a sport, or even getting into a car accident.

If a tooth is knocked out, it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible. The sooner the tooth can be put back in place, the better the outcome will be for the tooth and the patient’s mouth as a whole. An emergency dentist can help to save the tooth and get you back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

When a patient experience severe oral pain, they may suffer headaches as a result. This can make performing normal tasks and simply having a quality life difficult. Seeing an emergency dentist and getting treatment is the best course of action for a patient with immediate concerns regarding the health of their smile.

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