Why Are My Gums Receding?

Why Are My Gums Receding?

Posted by Dr. Thomas Flavin Jul 22,2020

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Receding gums are one of the biggest dental problems people face. If your gums are receding, you might notice teeth sensitivity, loose teeth, and tooth loss. There are several reasons for this, and most of them can be avoided.

When we eat, plaque builds up on our teeth. As that bacteria feeds on the food particles left behind on our teeth and around our gums, it excretes acids that can erode the enamel on our teeth and the cementum that covers the roots of our teeth. Over time, this can cause the gum tissue to recede away from the base of a tooth.

The treatment for receding gums depends on how far the gum tissue has receded and how much damage has been done to the tooth. For mild cases of gum recession, a dentist may recommend improving oral hygiene habits at home and avoiding excessive use of certain oral products that can cause irritation of the soft tissues. For moderate cases, the dentist may perform procedures such as pocket depth reductions and bone grafts to rebuild the damaged area and prevent further loss of gum tissue. In severe cases, it may be necessary to perform a procedure such as a gingivectomy to remove loose tissue from around the tooth and reshape the gums to restore their proper contact with the teeth.

Gum Disease Causes

Gum disease is caused by plaque buildup around your teeth and below your gum line. These bacteria infect your gums, causing them to become irritated and inflamed. As the infection grows worse, the gums begin to pull away from your teeth, causing pockets to form where even more plaque can build up. This leads to more irritation and inflammation, and it’s these circumstances that set the stage for gum disease.

Not only is periodontal disease painful, but it can also result in tooth loss. That’s why it’s so important to treat gum disease as soon as it begins occurring. If caught early enough, scaling and root planing can be enough to stop the progression of the disease and save your smile.

Early Warning Signs

You might notice small but noticeable spaces developing between your teeth and gums. If your gums are receding due to gingivitis or any other form of periodontal disease, you might experience sensitive gums or even bleeding when you brush or floss. If you are experiencing these symptoms, make sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to get to the bottom of the problem before it causes irreparable damage.

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