To Brush, or Not to Brush at Work

To Brush, or Not to Brush at Work

Posted by Dr. Thomas Flavin Jun 03,2015

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There’s been a debate about whether or not it’s acceptable to brush your teeth at work following lunch or snacks. Is it gross to brush in the office bathroom? What do co-workers think about those who do? Is there any reason we should even consider doing this? At my Saint Louis dental office, we’d like to weigh in and explain why we’re absolute supporters of brushing at work.

When it comes to great oral health, one constant is brushing at least twice a day. However, while it’s common to do this at home in the comfort of your own bathroom, there is a huge benefit to storing a toothbrush and toothpaste at work to use after lunch.

After eating, even when all evidence of food is gone, there are still particles lurking in the mouth. If not scrubbed away, these particles contribute to decay and even gum disease. But if you brush following a meal, the chance for dental problems greatly decreases. Not only will following this routine help keep your mouth healthy, it can help keep your career intact too.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Job

We aren’t saying that your healthy mouth will ensure job happiness or will give you immunity from a demotion, but we will confidently say your oral hygiene may directly affect the opinion of co-workers, bosses, or, if you’re looking for a job, a hiring manager.

According to a study of 1,000 people by the Academy of General Dentistry and Oral-B that asked respondents about oral health care habits at work, the majority did not brush after eating (a whopping 86%) but still said a healthy smile was important in the workplace.

Check This Out

  • 40% said a smile was the first thing they noticed about a co-worker
  • 32% claimed bad breath was the least attractive trait of fellow employees
  • 96% believe a good smile is very or somewhat important to a person’s appearance

If you’re a bit uneasy about brushing in public, don’t be. The workplace is changing and it’s becoming increasingly common for employees to brush in the bathroom. Many bosses actually prefer this over meeting a client with awful breath or missing work time for dental problems. So go ahead, brush away!

Packing a toothbrush in your briefcase and transitioning into this routine of proper oral health care can keep your smile healthy for years to come. Pair that with regular visits to my dental office in Saint Louis and you’re well on your way to a happy mouth and happy co-workers.

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