e.max Crowns In Our St. Louis Dental Office

e.max Crowns In Our St. Louis Dental Office

Posted by Dr. Thomas Flavin Sep 30,2013

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Not all dental crowns are created equal. Open your mouth wide and take a look inside – can you tell which teeth have been restored? Most people are embarrassed by how obvious it is to differentiate a restored tooth from a natural tooth. But if you have e.max crowns, it’s pretty likely that you can’t tell the difference at all!

Dr. Flavin offers several e.max restorations and all of them provide unsurpassed strength. One type of e.max crown is artfully sculpted from a single block of Lithium Disilicate ceramic, known for its durability and beauty. In fact, this material is 2.5 to 3 times stronger than other all-ceramic restorations. Dr. Flavin also offers e.max restorations made of Zirconium Oxide. This is the perfect material for crown and bridge restorations or for implant crowns, and is celebrated for its limited heat conductivity and superior biocompatibility.

But strength and endurance aside, the most striking benefit of e.max crowns is that they offer incredibly life-like results. With e.max crowns restoring your smile, you can throw back your head and laugh just as freely as you’d like and no one will see your dental work. What will they see? Your beautiful, confident personality!

For more information about how e.max crowns from cosmetic dentist Dr. Thomas Flavin can benefit your smile, call our St. Louis dental office today!

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